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MEKTRA, Inc. is a leading supplier of preowned automated semiconductor test equipment. We specialize in IC handlers and carry many device change kits for our handlers. We also carry semiconductor testers and probers. MEKTRA maintains a large and ever changing inventory at our headquarters in San Jose, California.

MEKTRA stands apart through our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Our goal is to build long-term, ongoing business relationships. We provide high quality semiconductor testing equipment within a short lead time, at a reasonable price.

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Delta Design Matrix

Delta Matrix Pic

  • The Delta Matrix handler provides increased productivity in several dimensions of performance: throughput, parallelism, and active thermal control.
  • With an adjustable test site configuration, customers can reuse existing load-boards, including boards made for gravity handlers.
  • Also provides flexibility with field upgradeable options including a chamberless tri-temperature test site, vision alignment, and auto contactor cleaning.
  • Parallelism: x1 up to x32.
  • Throughput: 10,000 uph or 16,000 uph.
  • Temperature: ambient-hot, tri-temperature, +175°C optional.
  • Soak Capacity: 3 to 5.5 trays.
  • Test-site pitch: adjustable for any load-board (pick-and-place or gravity).
  • Vision Alignment Option.
  • Up to 10 configurable Input/Output tray stack locations.
  • Up to 16,000 uph at temperature (large soak capacity).
  • 50 msec/device index time (x16 configuration).
  • Handling of 3x3 mm and larger Packages (small form factor QFNs, WLCSPs).
  • Tool-less Kit Changeover.
  • High Mean Units Between Assist.
  • Continuous Load and Unload.
  • Auto Contactor Cleaning.
  • Predictive Maintenance Monitoring.
  • Automatic Retest at End-of-Lot.
  • Chamberless Tri-Temperature ranges from -55°C up to +175°C.
  • Active Thermal Control per Site up to x32 Parallelism.
  • Vision Alignment with ± 40 µm Positional Accuracy.
  • Analog ICs with short test times and high throughput.
  • Automotive devices requiring high thermal accuracy.
  • Small pitch wireless-communication products.
  • High parallelism microcontroller testing.
  • Customizeable for the unique requirements of many other device market segments.

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