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MEKTRA, Inc. is a leading supplier of preowned automated semiconductor test equipment. We specialize in IC handlers and carry many device change kits for our handlers. We also carry semiconductor testers and probers. MEKTRA maintains a large and ever changing inventory at our headquarters in San Jose, California.

MEKTRA stands apart through our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Our goal is to build long-term, ongoing business relationships. We provide high quality semiconductor testing equipment within a short lead time, at a reasonable price.

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Seiko-Epson NS 7080

Seiko Epson NS7000 - NS7080 Pic

  • Steady handling at high speed.
  • Flexible socket layout.
  • Successor to the NS-6000 series.
  • Expanded socket area enables to dock to a wide variety of socket layouts.
  • High Throughput: 7300 UPH (units per hour) and Index Time: 0.36 sec.
  • Steady temperature due to the chamber in the test site.
  • Testing ultra thin devices without damage using the soft contact mode.
  • Testing small devices including MLPTM and MLFTM.
  • Testing CMOS image sensor and RF devices.
  • Test Mode: 8-site (4x2); Square 4-site (2x2); In-Line 4-site (4x1); 2-site; Busy Shuttle (single).
  • Device Type: QFP, TSOP, CSP, BGA, QFN, PLCC, LGA, PGA, RF Device, CMOS Image sensor, Min 3x3,Max 40x40 (Lead pitch:04 mm or more).
  • Contact force controlled by electro pneumatic regulator.
  • NS-6000 series changeover kit can be used for NS-7000 series.
  • Short changeover time.
  • ESD (Electrostatic discharge) reduction.
  • Multi-lingual operation window.
  • Side-docking test head.
  • CE marking.
  • Options: One-touch Lock Socket Plate; High Contact Pressure; Motor Rotator Hand; Wide Hot Plate; Cross Sensors; Different Tray Handling for Loading/Unloading.

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