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MEKTRA, Inc. is a leading supplier of preowned automated semiconductor test equipment. We specialize in IC handlers and carry many device change kits for our handlers. We also carry semiconductor testers and probers. MEKTRA maintains a large and ever changing inventory at our headquarters in San Jose, California.

MEKTRA stands apart through our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Our goal is to build long-term, ongoing business relationships. We provide high quality semiconductor testing equipment within a short lead time, at a reasonable price.

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MEKTRA Milestones

1996 (June) Incorporation.
1997 (January) Started million dollar test equipment overhaul project in South East Asia.
1997 (June) Moved to 8,000 square foot rebuilding facility in San Jose. 
1997 (September) Opened in-house machine shop.
1998 (January) Implemented custom written software for contact management.
1998 (March) Launched MEKTRA web site www.mektra.com.
1998 (September) Received US service mark registration # 2,189,415.
1999 (February) Expanded sales force to include Asian and European sales teams.
1999 (November) Purchased 12,000 square foot building in downtown San Jose, CA
2000 (June) Purchased additional 16,000 square foot building adjacent to existing headquarters. 
2001 (October) Added US East Coast sales office.
2003 (November) Consolidated ownership through stock repurchasing.
2004 (April) Participated in Semicon China.
2004 (June) Added a web based Searchable Database for our customers.
2005 (July) MEKTRA reports record breaking sales.
2007 (April) MEKTRA expands our sales staff to Singapore.
2008 (November) MEKTRA expands our personnel to include full time Chinese sales staff as well as a part time electronic communications specialist.
2009 (August) Completed migration to a state of the art virtualization environment for all of our information technology.
2009 (October) Launched our fully redesigned English and Chinese web sites.
2010 (March) Planned opening of our office in China.

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