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MEKTRA, Inc. is a leading supplier of preowned automated semiconductor test equipment. We specialize in IC handlers and carry many device change kits for our handlers. We also carry semiconductor testers and probers. MEKTRA maintains a large and ever changing inventory at our headquarters in San Jose, California.

MEKTRA stands apart through our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Our goal is to build long-term, ongoing business relationships. We provide high quality semiconductor testing equipment within a short lead time, at a reasonable price.

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Aetrium offers an extensive line of products for the test, assembly and packaging of integrated circuits and discrete electronic components.

Aetrium’s test handlers incorporate thermal conditioning, contacting, and automated handling technologies to provide automated handling of ICs during production test cycles. The company also offers change kits to adapt its test handlers to different IC package configurations or to upgrade installed equipment.

Aetrium acquired Symtek in 1994, adding Symtek’s pick-and-place automation technology for testing memory chips to Aetrium's strength in gravity-feed handling for logic chips.

Aetrium sells its products principally in the United States, Europe and Southest Asia. Aetrium designs, markets and builds its products at its facility in North St. Paul, Minnesota. The company was founded in 1982.

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