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MEKTRA, Inc. is a leading supplier of preowned automated semiconductor test equipment. We specialize in IC handlers and carry many device change kits for our handlers. We also carry semiconductor testers and probers. MEKTRA maintains a large and ever changing inventory at our headquarters in San Jose, California.

MEKTRA stands apart through our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Our goal is to build long-term, ongoing business relationships. We provide high quality semiconductor testing equipment within a short lead time, at a reasonable price.

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Handler Matrix - Mektra buys and sells rebuilt handlers

ManufacturerModelAutomationKitableHot TempCold TempMax Sites
Advantest Extreme GravityNo???
Advantest M3721A GravityNoYesNo32
Advantest M3741A GravityYesYesYes32
Advantest M3821A GravityYesYesNo16
Advantest M3841A GravityYesYesYes16
Advantest M4152A Pick and PlaceYesYesNo2
Advantest M4162A Pick and PlaceNo???
Advantest M4172A Pick & PlaceYesYesNo2
Advantest M4182A GravityYesYesNo2
Advantest M4541A Pick & PlaceYesYes?8
Advantest M4541AD Pick & PlaceYesYesYes8
Advantest M4542AD Pick & PlaceYesYesYes8
Advantest M4622A Pick & PlaceYesYesNo?
Advantest M4632A Pick & PlaceYesYesNo2
Advantest M4642A Pick & PlaceYesYesYes2
Advantest M4741A GravityNo???
Advantest M4742 GravityNo???
Advantest M4841 GravityNo???
Advantest M6441A Pick & PlaceYesYesYes4
Advantest M6541A Pick & PlaceYesYesYes64
Advantest M6541AD Pick & PlaceYesYesYes128
Advantest M6542AD Pick & PlaceYesYesYes128
Advantest M6721A Pick & PlaceYesYesNo32
Advantest M6721AD Pick & PlaceYesYesNo64
Advantest M6741A Pick & PlaceYes??0
Advantest M6741AD Pick & PlaceNoYesYes64
Advantest M6751A Pick & PlaceYesYesYes32
Advantest M6751AD GravityNo???
Advantest M6761A Pick & PlaceYesYes?32
Advantest M6771A Pick & PlaceYesYesYes32
Advantest M6771AD Pick & PlaceYesYesYes64
Advantest M6841A Pick & PlaceYesYesYes64
Advantest M6861A or D Pick & PlaceYesYesYes64
Advantest M7321A Pick & PlaceYesYesNo16
Advantest M7341A GravityNo???
Advantest M7521 GravityNo???
Aetrium 1000 GravityYes??1
Aetrium 1400 Pick and PlaceYesYesYes2
Aetrium 2000 GravityNoYesNo1
Aetrium 300 GravityNoNoNo?
Aetrium 3000 Pick and PlaceYesYesYes?
Aetrium 3100 GravityYes???
Aetrium 3200 Pick and PlaceYesYesYes32
Aetrium 3300 GravityYesYesYes1
Aetrium 3500 GravityNoYesYes1
Aetrium 360 GravityNo???
Aetrium 4098 GravityNoYesNo1
Aetrium 4100 GravityNoYesYes1
Aetrium 4300 GravityNo???
Aetrium 500 GravityNo???
Aetrium 5000 Pick and PlaceYesYesNo1
Aetrium 5050DTS GravityNo??2
Aetrium 5050MSOP GravityNo??1
Aetrium 5050QTS GravityNo??4
Aetrium 5050S GravityNoYesNo1
Aetrium 5050T GravityYes???
Aetrium 5500 GravityYes??2
Aetrium 55V6 GravityYes??2
Aetrium 5600 Gravity????
Aetrium 5800 GravityNoYesNo4
Aetrium 60D GravityNo???
Aetrium 7800 Pick and PlaceYes???
Aetrium 8832 TurretYesNoNo8
Aetrium 900 Pick & PlaceYesYes?1
Aetrium M3200 GravityNo???
Aetrium MP3050 GravityNo???
Aetrium QT Pick and PlaceNo???
Aetrium V16 GravityNo???
Aetrium V8 GravityNo???
Ando AHM-621 GravityNo???
Ando AHM-631 GravityNo???
Ando AHM-701 GravityNo???
Ando AHM-710 GravityYesYes?16
Ando AHM-810 GravityYes??32
Ando AHM-820 Pick & PlaceYes???
Ando AHM-827 Pick & PlaceYesYesNo2
Ando AHM-835 Pick & PlaceYes???
Ando AHM-861 Pick & PlaceNoYesNo2
Aseco S130 GravityYesYesYes1
Aseco S150 GravityNoYes?1
Aseco S170 and S170D GravityNoYes??
Aseco S200 GravityYesYes?1
Aseco S400 GravityYesYes?8
Aseco S450 GravityYesYes?8
Aseco TL50 GravityYesYes?1
Aseco VT8000 Pick & PlaceYes???
Chipright CRH110P GravityNo???
Chipright CRH3400 Pick and PlaceYes???
Chroma 2100 GravityNo???
Chroma 3110 GravityNo???
Chroma 3260 GravityNo???
Credence ASL1200 GravityNo???
Daito DNA-55H Pick and PlaceNo???
Daymarc 1620 GravityNo???
Daymarc 3087 GravityYesYesYes1
Daymarc 3187 GravityYesYesYes4
Daymarc 3287 GravityYesYesYes32
Daymarc 4100 GravityYesNoNo4
Daymarc 4188 GravityYesYesYes4
Daymarc 717 GravityYes???
Daymarc 757 GravityNoYesNo4
Daymarc 787 GravityYesYesYes2
Daymarc 797 GravityNoYesYes8
Daymarc 797 Multisite GravityNoYesYes8
Daymarc Enterprise Pick & PlaceYesYesYes64
DB Design Atom GravityNo???
Delta Design 1010 Pick and PlaceYesYesYes8
Delta Design 1020 Pick and PlaceYesYesYes8
Delta Design 1040 Pick and PlaceYesYesYes8
Delta Design 1210 Pick and PlaceYesYes?8
Delta Design 1220 Pick and PlaceYesYes?8
Delta Design 1240 Pick and PlaceYesYes?8
Delta Design 1688 Pick & PlaceYesNoNo2
Delta Design 1688ES Pick & PlaceYesNoNo2
Delta Design 1810 Pick and PlaceYesYesYes8
Delta Design 1820 Pick and PlaceYesYesYes8
Delta Design 1840 Pick and PlaceYesYesYes8
Delta Design 1888 Gravity?NoNo1
Delta Design 2040 Pick and PlaceYesYesYes8
Delta Design 3087 GravityYesYesYes1
Delta Design 3187 GravityYesYesYes4
Delta Design 3287 GravityYesYesYes32
Delta Design 4010 GravityYesYesYes1
Delta Design 4015 GravityYesYesYes1
Delta Design 4100 GravityYesNoNo4
Delta Design 4200 GravityYesYesYes1
Delta Design 4250 GravityYesYesYes1
Delta Design 4275 GravityYesYesYes1
Delta Design 6098 Pick and PlaceYesYesYes2
Delta Design 6099 Pick and PlaceYesYesYes2
Delta Design 7000 Pick and PlaceYesYes?32
Delta Design 7500 Pick and PlaceYesYes?32
Delta Design 757 GravityNoYesNo4
Delta Design 797 GravityNoYesYes8
Delta Design 797 Multisite GravityNoYesYes8
Delta Design 8220 GravityNoYesYes1
Delta Design 8230 GravityNoYesYes1
Delta Design Castle Pick and PlaceYesYes?32
Delta Design Deltaflex Pick and PlaceYesYesYes8
Delta Design Eclipse Pick and PlaceYes???
Delta Design Edge Pick and PlaceYesYes?4
Delta Design Enterprise Pick & PlaceYesYesYes64
Delta Design ETC 2000 GravityNoYesYes1
Delta Design Matrix Pick and PlaceNo???
Delta Design NGC Pick and PlaceYesYesYes1
Delta Design Nitroflex Pick and PlaceYesYesYes8
Delta Design OLB GravityNo???
Delta Design Orion StripYesYesYes?
Delta Design Pyramid Pick and PlaceYes???
Delta Design RFS Pick and PlaceYesYesYes8
Delta Design Summit Pick and PlaceYesYesYes2
Delta Design Turboflex Pick and PlaceYesYes?8
Electroglas Pathfinder StripNo???
EMS 4098 GravityNoYesNo1
Esmo Talos Pick and PlaceYesYesYes2
Exatron 2800 GravityYes???
Exatron 3000 GravityYes?No1
Exatron 3000B GravityYes?No1
Exatron 4000 GravityNo???
Exatron 5000 GravityYes?No2
Exatron 5040 GravityYes?No2
Exatron 5080 GravityYes?No2
Exatron 6000 GravityYesNoNo2
Exatron 800 Pick and PlaceYesNoNo?
Exatron 8000 Pick and PlaceYes???
Exatron 802 Pick and PlaceYesNoNo?
Exatron 804 Pick and PlaceYesNoNo?
Exatron 900 Pick and PlaceYes??16
Exatron 902 Pick and PlaceYes??16
Exatron 904 Pick and PlaceYes??16
FSA 5000 Pick and PlaceYesYesNo1
FSA 8832 TurretYesNoNo8
GHI 450 GravityYesYesNo1
GHI 781 GravityYesYesNo2
GHI 782 GravityYesYesNo2
GHI 800 GravityNo???
Hon Tech AOSH-2100 GravityNo???
Hon Tech AOSH-3000 GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT 9046LS GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT-1025 GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT-1200 GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT-1800 GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT-3000 GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT-3060 GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT-3309 GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT-7045 GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT-8040 GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT-8080 GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT-9040 GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT-9045W GravityNo???
Hon Tech HT-9080 GravityNo???
Ismeca M-32 TurretYesNoNo?
Ismeca M-32AT TurretYesNoNo4
Ismeca NT-16 TurretYesNoNo?
Ismeca NT116 GravityNo???
Ismeca NT216 GravityNo???
Ismeca NX 16 GravityNo???
Ismeca NX 216 GravityNo???
Ismeca NX 32LT GravityNo???
Ismeca NX 516 GravityNo???
Ismeca NX16LL-HS TurretNo???
Ismeca NX16LL-Scan or Test TurretNo???
Ismeca NX216 SO Scan TurretNo???
Ismeca NX216 SO Test TurretNo???
Ismeca NX216P TurretNo???
Ismeca NX232P TurretNo???
Ismeca NX32 GravityNo???
Ismeca NX32W TurretNo???
Ismeca NX32W-DT TurretNo???
Ismeca NX32W-KGD TurretNo???
Ismeca NY 20 GravityNo???
Ismeca NY 32 GravityNo???
Ismeca NY 32W GravityNo???
Ismeca T-216 TurretYesNoNo?
Ismeca TMBT TurretYesNoNo?
Ismeca TMBU-CA GravityNo???
Ismeca TMBU-GR GravityNo???
JLSI 8652 GravityNo???
JLSI 8653 GravityNo???
JLSI 8655 GravityNo???
JLSI 8990 GravityNo???
JLSI 8991 GravityNo???
JLSI 8995 GravityNo???
Kasuga KH202H GravityNo???
Kuwano LT100 GravityNo???
Kuwano LT922 GravityNo???
Kuwano LT930 GravityNo???
Kuwano LT930D GravityNo???
Kuwano LT935 GravityNo???
LTX CP 80 GravityNo???
MCE/YSE 242 GravityNo???
MCE/YSE 244 GravityNo???
MCE/YSE 814 GravityNo???
MCE/YSE 824 GravityNo???
MCT 2030 GravityNo???
MCT 2608E GravityYesNo
MCT 3608A GravityNo???
MCT 3608CCA-3 GravityNoNoNo?
MCT 3608CCA-4 GravityNoNoNo?
MCT 3608CCA-6 GravityNo??0
MCT 3608E GravityNo???
MCT 3608E-3 GravityNo???
MCT 3608E-4 GravityNo???
MCT 3608E-6 GravityNo???
MCT 3616E-3 GravityNo???
MCT 3616E-4 GravityNo???
MCT 3616E-6 GravityNoNoNo?
MCT 4600 GravityNo???
MCT 4610 GravityNo???
MCT 4610D GravityNo???
MCT 4800 GravityNo???
MCT 5000 StripNo???
MCT 5100 GravityNo???
MCT 5105 GravityNo???
MCT 7632 GravityNo???
MCT 8302 GravityNo???
MCT 8602 GravityNo???
MCT FH 1200 StripNo???
MCT SH-5000 StripNo???
MCT Tapestry GravityNo???
Microhandling MH200 GravityNo???
Microhandling MH240 GravityNo???
Microhandling MH242 GravityNo???
Microhandling MH245 GravityNo???
Microhandling MH250 GravityNo???
Microhandling MH300 GravityNo???
Microhandling MH802 GravityNo???
Microhandling MP803 GravityNo???
Microhandling MP813 GravityNo???
Minato 4500 GravityNo???
Mirae M420 Pick and PlaceYes??256
Mirae M430 GravityNo???
Mirae M440 GravityNo???
Mirae M520 GravityNo???
Mirae M7300 GravityNo???
Mirae MR2800 GravityNo???
Mirae MR5500 GravityNo???
Mirae MR7100 GravityNo???
Multitest 2168 Pick and PlaceNo???
Multitest 5100 GravityNo???
Multitest 8305 GravityNo???
Multitest 8501 GravityNo???
Multitest 8502 GravityNo???
Multitest 8503 GravityNo???
Multitest 8588 GravityNo???
Multitest 8589 GravityNo???
Multitest 85XX-kit GravityNo???
Multitest 8704 GravityNo???
Multitest 8704ihf-Kit GravityNo???
Multitest 8910 GravityNo???
Multitest 9308 GravityNo???
Multitest 9320 GravityNo???
Multitest 9508 GravityNo???
Multitest 9510 Pick and PlaceNo???
Multitest 9510-Kit GravityNo???
Multitest 9918 GravityNo???
Multitest 9928 GravityNo???
Multitest 9928-Kit GravityNo???
Multitest InCarrier GravityNo???
Multitest InCarrier Loader plus GravityNo???
Multitest InStrip StripNo???
OAI 781 GravityYesYesNo2
OAI 782 GravityYesYesNo2
OAI MTS 100 GravityNo???
Peak Automation ALM-760 GravityNo???
Pentamaster 2100 GravityNo???
Pentamaster 3100 GravityNo???
Pentamaster 3190 GravityNo???
Pentamaster 3500 GravityNo???
Pentamaster 3600 GravityNo???
Pentamaster 5200 GravityNo???
Pentamaster PM1100 GravityNo???
Rasco Jaguar StripNoYesYes?
Rasco Jupiter GravityYes???
Rasco Saturn GravityNo???
Rasco SO1000 GravityNo???
Rasco SO1000-KIT GravityNo???
Rasco SO1100 GravityNo???
Rasco SO1500 GravityYes???
Rasco SO1800 GravityNo???
Rasco SO2000 GravityNo???
Rasco SO2000-KIT GravityNo???
Rasco SO2800 GravityNo???
Rasco SO3000 StripNoYesYes?
Seiko-Epson HM 2000 GravityNo???
Seiko-Epson HM 3000 GravityNo???
Seiko-Epson HM 3500 GravityNo???
Seiko-Epson HM 4000 GravityNo???
Seiko-Epson NS 5000 GravityNo???
Seiko-Epson NS 6000 GravityNo???
Seiko-Epson NS 6040 GravityNo???
Seiko-Epson NS 7000 Pick and PlaceNo???
Seiko-Epson NS 7040 GravityNo???
Seiko-Epson NS 7080 Pick and PlaceNo???
Seiko-Epson NS 7160W Pick and PlaceNo???
Seiko-Epson NS 8020 Pick and PlaceNo???
Seiko-Epson NS 8040 Pick and PlaceNo???
Seiko-Epson NS 8080 Pick and PlaceNo???
Seiko-Epson NS 8160W Pick and PlaceNo???
Seiko-Epson NS5040 GravityNo???
Seiko-Epson NX 1032XS GravityNo???
Seiko-Epson TR55 GravityNo???
Seiko-Epson TR60 Pick and PlaceNo???
Sessco Handler GravityNo???
Shiba-Soku W9114B GravityNo???
Shiba-Soku W9172 GravityNo???
Shiba-Soku WS 93 GravityNo???
Shin-Ja JS200 GravityNo???
Shin-Ja JS400 GravityNo???
SRM L7 GravityNo???
SRM STV242 TurretNo???
SRM T24 GravityNo???
SRM T48 GravityNo???
SRM TD 246 StripNo??2
SRM XD 16 StripNo??2
SRM XD 206 StripYes??2
SRM XD 208 StripNo??4
SRM XD 244 StripNo??4
SRM XD 248 StripNo??8
SRM XD 326 StripNo??8
SRM XD 326 StripNo??8
SRM XDH 24 StripNo??2
Symtek 300 GravityNoNoNo?
Symtek 324 GravityNo???
Symtek 340 GravityNo???
Symtek 360 GravityNo???
Symtek 360D GravityNo???
Symtek 3D GravityNo???
Symtek 3J GravityNo???
Symtek 429 GravityNo???
Symtek 4300 GravityNo???
Symtek 439 GravityNo???
Symtek 500 GravityNo???
Symtek 60D GravityNo???
Symtek 6D GravityNo???
Symtek 7936 GravityNo???
Symtek 7936D GravityNo???
Symtek 960 GravityNo???
Symtek D2416 GravityNo???
Symtek D300 GravityNo???
Symtek J2816 GravityNo???
Symtek J284 GravityNo???
Symtek KLP GravityNo???
Symtek L324 GravityNo???
Symtek M3200 GravityNo???
Symtek MP3050 GravityNo???
Symtek MP4030 GravityNo???
Symtek MP4050 GravityNo???
Symtek MP4332 GravityNo???
Symtek P184 GravityNo???
Symtek P188 GravityNo???
Symtek SO3050 GravityNo???
Symtek T403 GravityNo???
Synax 1201 GravityNo???
Synax 121 GravityNo???
Synax 1211 GravityNo???
Synax 1221 GravityNo???
Synax 141 Pick and PlaceYes???
Synax 1601 Pick and PlaceYes???
Synax 1701 GravityNo???
Synax 2101 GravityNo???
Synax Mustang GravityNo???
Synax SX1101 Pick and PlaceNo???
Synax SX2400 Pick and PlaceNo???
Synax SX3100 Pick and PlaceYesYesNo16
Synax SX4800 Pick and PlaceNo???
Systemation L22D GravityNo???
Systemation NT16 GravityNo???
Systemation SC79 GravityNo???
Systemation ST485 GravityNo???
Systemation ST490 GravityNo???
Systemation ST495 GravityNo???
Systemation ST50 GravityNo???
Systemation ST60 GravityNo???
TechWing TW282 Pick and PlaceNo???
Tesam 8652 GravityNo???
Tesam 8653 GravityNo???
Tesam 8655 GravityNo???
Tesam 8990 GravityNo???
Tesam 8991 GravityNo???
Tesam 8995 GravityNo???
TESEC 3270-IH GravityNo???
TESEC 3271-PK GravityNo???
TESEC 3320 Pick and PlaceNoYesNo2
TESEC 3503-PH GravityNo???
TESEC 3511-IH (Cascade) GravityNo???
TESEC 3518-HT GravityNo???
TESEC 3572-PK GravityNo???
TESEC 3610-IH (Cliffy) GravityNo???
TESEC 3631-IH GravityNo???
TESEC 3720 GravityNo???
TESEC 3905-HT GravityNo???
TESEC 4170-IH GravityNo???
TESEC 4380-IH GravityNo???
TESEC 7708 GravityNo???
TESEC 7709 GravityNo???
TESEC 786 GravityNo???
TESEC 8117 GravityNo???
TESEC 8210 GravityNo???
TESEC 8509 GravityNo???
TESEC 8701 GravityNo???
TESEC 8702 GravityNo???
TESEC 8710 GravityNo???
TESEC 8809 GravityNo???
TESEC 8830 GravityNo???
TESEC 9030 GravityNo???
TESEC 906 GravityNo???
TESEC 9103 GravityNo???
TESEC 9106 GravityNo???
TESEC 9110 GravityNo???
TESEC 9210 GravityNo???
TESEC 9250 GravityNo???
TESEC 9305 GravityNo???
TESEC 9306 GravityNo???
TESEC 9309 GravityNo???
TESEC 9508 GravityNo???
TESEC 9512 GravityNo???
TESEC 9588 GravityNo???
TESEC 9614 GravityNo???
TESEC 971 GravityNo???
TESEC 9718 GravityNo???
Thermonics Spartan II GravityNo???
Trigon 101 GravityNo???
Trigon 102 GravityNo???
Web Tech 8832 TurretYesNoNo8
WTS 3900 GravityNo???
WTS 3900 GravityNo???
XuFeng SG2000 GravityNo???
Yokogawa 9730 GravityNo???
Yokogawa AH9610 GravityNo???
Yokogawa AHM861 GravityNo???
Yokogawa HS 2030 Pick and PlaceNo???
Yokogawa HS 2040 Pick and PlaceNo???
Yokogawa SO handler GravityNo???